ScopeSim™ Components

ScopeSim is supplied as a complete system including three mazes, a battery charger and inserts for different fibrescope sizes.
Support software can be downloaded as required, free of charge, from this website.


endoscope view of a maze

Different mazes allow differing degrees of diffculty. Mazes are constructed of a series of barriers which have tubes 10mm diameter and 25mm long. These tubes can be central, or offset from centre by 5mm or 10mm. They can also be rotated so the users has to developed good three dimensional steering ability.

The material of the barriers provide similar haptic feedback to that of human tissue. Mazes can be changed simply by a simple "lift and press to fit" mechanism. Available mazes are:

PA-485-050 "Maze 021" the baseline maze

PA-485-051 "Maze 022" the intermediate maze

PA-485-052 "Maze 023" the expert maze


Dimensions: 600mm x 300mm x 200mm
Weight: 1.5kg
Battery: Single Lithium 2.2Ahr 3.75V
Communications: Bluetooth™
Power Supply: Universal 110-240Vac wall block


fitting alternative size endoscopes

To accommodate a wide range of 'scopes, a set of inserts is provided to support different diameters. These simply screw into the point of entry in the control housing.

Fibreoptic scope varying from 4mm to as large as 9.5mm diameter can be used successfully with the trainer.

The simulator is applicable to both Medical and Veterinary training

PA-485-060 Spare Set of Inserts

PA-485-070 Replacement Power supply

PA-485-100 Complete ScopeSim™ training simulator with 3 different mazes, a set of inserts, and power supply