Software Support

ScopeSim™ can be used in isolation without any supporting software. However, if the device is being used as an assessment or research device and performance needs to be recorded then provision has been made.


ScopeSim™ software is available for free download and is available on a variety of platforms. All the screenshots here are from our Android implementation. A Bluetooth capability is required for communication between your device and ScopeSim™

Scopesim android Apps

Initial setup requires scanning for the ScopeSim™ Trainer and establishing a Bluetooth link.

Android App setup

The software will display any run without logging, so setup can be verified or practice runs taken.


By establishing a Bluetooth link 'time of flight' data can be transmitted to bespoke logging software, as well as personnel ID, Department, etc. By interfacing to Tablets or PCs, the trainer becomes a recording assessment tool.


Logging successive tests

When user and department information has been input then successive attempts are timed and recorded.
If there are any errors such as withdrawing the endoscope prior to completion of the maze, or running over the 3 minute timeout, then these events will also be recorded.

Android App setup

When the test is complete the data comprising User ID, Department, Date and Time, Maze Complexity, and Number of Attempts and their associated Time Of Flight is stored in comma seperated value (CSV) files which can be used as a data source by most spreadsheet applications.